A shot at sewing, part 2

Last time we chatted, I mentioned I was taking in the sides of this blazer. I’m proud to report that I finished the other seam, re-hemmed the jacket, and it’s now as good as new! The second seam was easier to complete than the first, which boosted my confidence a little. I’ll be the first to say that this isn’t quality work by any means. I wouldn’t want anyone with experience to take a close look at the seams but I can at least say that I didn’t ruin it!

I’m still unsure on whether I’d do this again. I didn’t fail so that does help my case, but obviously a tailor would do a much better job. I definitely wouldn’t do an alteration on a full-priced item. Though actually, I wouldn’t buy a full-priced item that needed alterations anyway. Or even a full-priced item!

The cost of the alteration was pretty low, especially considering I’ll continue to use the tools I bought.
  • Mini seam ripper: $5
  • Dressmaker’s white pencil: $3 (DON’T BUY – it didn’t work for me)
  • White and blue marking pens: $5
Total: $13

And I think I had coupons so it was less than that. Win.

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