Roll with it.

Sometimes you just can’t control it all and you have to let it go.

Last Friday I got off work at 2:15 so I could get home and hopefully be out the door and on the road to Vancouver by 3:15. We were going to a wedding at 7 and I figured (hoped) that would be enough time to make it from here to there. As the day would have it, Mark got off work late and we didn’t get out the door until closer to 3:45, which would’ve still been enough time had traffic been good. But no, traffic turned out to be awful. We ended up missing the ceremony altogether and arriving just as the wedding goers were moving to the reception area. We blended right in. ;)

Some lady in the bathroom as she and I were washing our hands: “Wasn’t that just a beautiful ceremony!”

Me: “Um… yes, yes, it sure was!”

When in doubt… agree?

I was originally upset when it became apparent we were going to be late. But hey, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and accept the situation and move on! And I’ll be honest, I was much happier when I accepted that we were going to be late and heck, it was going to be all right. The wedding police weren’t going to be fining us at the door for missing the first 45 minutes. We got there for the cake and that’s a win in my book.

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