Space cadet

I don’t know what’s with my brain lately.

I locked myself out of the house on Tuesday after my run. But let me back up. Mark left for his soccer game around the same time I was leaving for my run and asked if I wanted him to leave the key to the house. Nope, I said, there’s one under the mat! I watched Mark leave as I stood there psyching myself up for the run. Then I decided I needed my hat. So I took the key from under the mat, unlocked the door, and grabbed my Mariners cap from downstairs. In case of rain. Without thinking, I left the key inside, locked the door and left. It never even dawned on me that I’d forgotten to put the key back until I returned from the run and picked up the mat for the key! Cue the sinking realization that I was stuck outside. On a positive note, our house is pretty hard to break into. Because I tried.

I didn’t have my phone or I might’ve called Mark’s sister for the spare key. I thought of going over to our neighbor’s house to wait inside but… let’s just say I wouldn’t wish post-run Heather on anyone besides immediate family. Plus it’s not like it was raining or anything. So I sat outside for 45 minutes waiting for Mark to get home from his game. And when he did, he said, “Why didn’t you walk over to Ingraham?” OF COURSE. I’d completely forgotten he told me his game was at a high school a 10-minute walk away. Come on brain, you’re really letting me down!

You know what the hardest part was? It wasn't the cold. It was the lack of entertainment! Speaking of someone who is addicted to her phone, being without my blogs/Pinterest/Facebook/Words With Friends was devastating. So I sat there and listened to my Caedmon's Call anthology playlist (yes... I have every Caedmon's Call album ever released and put them all into one big playlist) and quietly sang to myself. True story. Now I'm the weird neighbor.

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