Alpha female, watch out

The gender scale of our office tips heavily male. There are three full-time female co-workers versus 13 male co-workers. Two-thirds of the office estrogen are on vacation this week, leaving me as the only one to hold down the female fort. But there are some benefits to being the only woman.

1. I am alpha female by default. No need to mark my territory.

2. No drama. I have no one to accidentally offend with my sarcastic remarks and I don’t have to worry about taking sides when infighting happens.

3. I can sing along to the radio without bothering my co-worker with whom I share a common area.

4. We have a one-stall bathroom and it’s all mine.

The one con: I seem to be the only one who knows how to use a dishwasher.

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Ashlie said...

Thank you for the entertainment :)