Selective Silencing

I’ve got an idea for the cell phone makers out there: Samsung, LG, etc. listen up. Do you find yourself wanting to selectively silence your phone? For example, you’re on a coffee date but your mom said she was going to call with an update on your grandma. You don’t want to leave your phone on and be potentially barraged with texts and phone calls and be that person with the cell phone in Ladro. You could switch your phone to vibrate, but you’d still have to physically check your phone to see if it was indeed your mom calling.

Solution: selective silencing. You could select this option, and it would ask you to optionally set a number or contact as “Always Ring”. Then when your phone rings, you don’t have to screen the call and interrupt your coffee date friend. There would also be an option to reset your “Always Ring” numbers back to normal (complete silencing or the full ringer).

It all makes sense in my head. And don’t tell me the iPhone has an app for this. I’m having trouble coming up with reasons not to buy one already.

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