eBay stalker

Remember when eBay was brand new? Everyone became obsessed with finding things to sell online and getting the best deal possible. If you were bidding on a particularly hot item, you’d sit there and refresh the page so you would know the exact second you were outbid. Outbid? Outrage! Up it by a dollar!

I haven’t used eBay in ages until today. I’ve been searching for a new business calculator for a co-worker and am finding myself obsessively refreshing my page to make sure I’m still the highest bidder. For a calculator. The auction still has 27 more hours so I guess I’ll be eBay stalking through tomorrow.


Niclea said...

I always waited until the last 7 seconds and then placed my bid. Then, no one would have time to beat me. It worked almost always.

Heather Seymour said...

I keep losing these auctions! I think it's because I'm doing it for a co-worker and not myself... I'm not as invested.