Panic or don't panic?

I had a slight panic attack Saturday. I was at a bridal shower when I was suddenly hit by an overwhelming fear that I hadn’t removed the price tag from my gift. The bride-to-be had just started opening presents when I came to this realization, so there was no time to tiptoe over to my own present and surreptitiously check. I started to sweat and tried to remember when I had wrapped the gift and whether this was all in my head. I mean, isn’t that the worst party faux pas to commit? Even inadvertently?

And then, as quickly as the fear had come, it dissipated when I specifically remembered standing at our apartment counter and cutting off the tag with my tiny travel scissors. I physically exhaled with relief and looked around, hoping no one had noticed my face redden or heard my elevated heart rate. None would be the wiser. At least until now.

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