Husky fever

Our alma mater didn’t have a football team, so Mark and I missed out on the whole college football experience. We came into some free football tickets this weekend thanks to our friend Maile, so we went and watched the University of Washington Huskies dominate UC Berkeley. I felt like we were fully immersed in the college football culture – fist-bumping the guys in front of us, chanting with the crowd, wondering how on earth the half-naked baton twirler was keeping warm. We even splurged on some $4 hot chocolate. Below are some pictures of game day.

Maile, me, Mark and Sam. It got really cold that day, so we were pretty bundled up.

Husky Stadium

Maile and me

We kind of wished we were in the sunny part of the stadium!

The stadium looks out on Lake Washington. You can barely see the Cascades in the distance.

You can see the frost forming on the track.

Mark and me

Mark's self-portrait

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