Great Urban Race

My friend Maile and I participated in the Great Urban Race in Seattle on Saturday! We certainly didn't win but we had tons of fun with hundreds of other racers participating in the event. The GUR is kind of like the show "The Amazing Race" - you get clues at the beginning that you have to solve, which take you all over downtown Seattle and the surrounding areas, and sometimes require you to complete challenges. Our map became our best friend - it's pretty inked up! We started at the Seattle Center, made our way down 1st Avenue to the stadiums in SoDo, and up and over Capitol Hill to Madrona.

The clues were all a little different, but went something like this:

1. Find this week's The Stranger. Find the Seattle News Bulletin. Find the post related to two Seattle musicians and bring back the favorite item to which they are referring (this happened to be a guitar pick).

2. Solve this pictogram - a baseball cap, a peapod, and those boxing robots - go to the place described, and complete the challenge (Cappy's Boxing Gym - jab, jab, left hook!)

And so on. I stacked cups blindfolded, Maile handled cockroaches and tied a bowline knot, and we got some pictures of us "diving" into a fountain, shaking a dog's paw, and honking a stranger's car horn, among other tasks. We could use public transportation which proved to be necessary for the trip to Madrona. We both made it back in one piece, minus our balloon sword that Maile so expertly made (it popped in my hand on the packed bus ride back to downtown... I guess I don't know my own strength).

Count us in for next year - we'll see you there.

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Brad said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. My brother lives in Seattle and I live about three hours south. This weekend would've provided excellent weather for your race. Blessings.