The completed 100 list

As you may have noted by a new tab above, my 100 List is finally (finally) complete. It was relatively easy to get halfway through, but I struggled through the second half of my life goals. Through writing this list, I've learned that there are some things I just don't want to do.

Take, for example, scuba diving. I started to put it on my list (Fish! Coral! Pretty!) but then realized there would be a very good chance I'd have to actually scuba dive. For those of you who know me, the ocean isn't exactly a place I feel comfortable, and the thought of being trapped that many feet below water, beautiful though it may be, terrifies me. So I left it off.

I also left off a few items because the likelihood of getting them accomplished was very low. Like I think riding in a zeppelin (or a submarine) would be completely awesome, but at this point I'm not prepared to drop a couple Gs to do it (riding in a seaplane made the list though).

Some of the different categories my goals fell into:
  • Travel related: 29
  • New skills to learn: 6
  • Animal related: 6
  • Vehicle related: 8
  • Seattle/Washington related: 10
So what should I do first? Some aren't feasible right away (my apartment is cat-free so owning a cat or a Newfoundland is out of the question), but there are a few fun ones I could start now.

I could...
  • Pop popcorn on the stove
  • Actually FINISH crocheting a blanket
  • Bake a pie from scratch
  • Make sushi


claire said...

I think you and Mark should go to the Nutcracker Ballet this holiday season. It is definitely worth the price :)

Nicole said...

I think 88 should definitely happen soon.... :)