Midweek Tidbits

Happy Thanksgiving early! :D

The ultimate Thanksgiving turkey cake: layers of turkey, potatoes, and stuffing.

We twenty-somethings sure seem to be a mystery.

Last week I posted an article on shared office space - now we're onto shared kitchen space.

Top 10 bad messages from good movies. I do disagree with a couple of these and I'm a little surprised "Grease" isn't on the list. I also went through the comments and plucked my favorite about what should've been included (though I do love Finding Nemo): "How about 'Finding Nemo'? Accept the disabled woman’s help to find your missing son – but once you think your quest is over, feel free to leave her stranded hundreds of miles from home. Every time my (very small) kids watch this movie, I sit in on that scene and exclaim in horror over what a horrible, selfish person Nemo’s father is, ditching Dory like that! They pretty much hate Marlin now, too."

The advice of food magazines to reinvent your Thanksgiving menu.

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