Analyze this (actually, please don’t)

I had the weirdest dream yesterday.

First, I dreamed I got an e-mail from a friend at church saying how I’d volunteered to help make food for an event, but hadn’t shown up. She asked if I’d forgotten or just decided not to show (in the dream I was berating myself for completing spacing it). Then, I was actually at the church and realized the service had already started but I was supposed to be helping with the kids’ program, so I was about half an hour late. The teacher that morning was my friend though, so she said it was fine.

So I went outside and started jogging through the woods. I realized someone was jogging behind me and when I looked back, I realized it was a guy I knew from SPU (actually I didn’t know who he was specifically, I just knew I knew him from school). I said hi and we both stopped running. Then, he said, “I had an affair.” Surprised, I replied, “Oh… I’m sorry?” Then he started telling me about his relationship and that somehow they worked it out and were still married.

THEN both of us were in an office at SPU and I put a wrapped present that had somehow materialized in my hands on the desk. We walked out of the office and into a garage to find my car, where we found a client of my company rooting through it. She said some things of hers were stolen, and asked if I had seen them. We said we hadn’t (though my friend looked a little suspicious) and I told her that I hoped she’d find them. She left and then Captain Cragen from “Law and Order: SVU” appeared and said my rights were violated, so who would I like to call? I said to get me “________” on the phone (in the dream I said a name but I can’t remember it now). He asked me if I was sure. I said I was, get him on the phone!

Then I woke up and realized I should’ve been awake 20 minutes ago. How strange.

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