Wednesday Wednesday

Why does this feel like a Monday?

My office has been plagued with a host of IT problems this week so I’ve had to pop on my IT hat and pretend like I know what I’m doing. Thankfully, all these issues have been solvable thanks to Google and my co-workers’ willingness to hand over their iPhones and Droids for me to tinker with until I get them to work.

I’ve discovered that my approach to IT is very similar to my approach to algebra. Method: plug in some numbers. Did it work? No? Try some different numbers. Still not working? Try a slightly different number. Voila! The correct answer! I can’t show my work but I have the right answer so it doesn’t matter (until I get docked points on a test). Meanwhile, IT-wise, I get to look like a genius when really I’m just pushing buttons and trying different solutions to see what works.

With that said, no Midweek Tidbits this week. I had one link saved in a draft but I haven’t come across anything too interesting lately so I deleted it. Sorry for the lack of entertainment…

We’re going to my company Christmas party tonight which usually entails hobnobbing around an open bar and inhaling delicious food, so naturally I’ve been looking forward to it for months. At least it didn’t get snowed out this year, a la 2008 – amid a dire forecast of a snowstorm yet to come, our boss canceled the party the day of though a snowflake hadn’t even hit the ground. Two hours later, snow was blowing everywhere and the bridges were icing over. Our boss took a lot of flak for his decision until the forecast decided to prove true!

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