A North Carolina Christmas

 NC snow
Mark and I spent Christmas in North Carolina with his family this year – West Coast meets East Coast! Mark’s sister and brother-in-law came too (actually his brother-in-law’s family is from that part of North Carolina also), as well as family friends Wendy and Gerald. We kept Wendy and Gerald’s trip a secret from Paul and Della (I had a dream that I spilled the beans to Della which probably helped keep me quiet) so they were pleasantly surprised with two extra guests. :)

We decorated Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve (a Seymour family tradition), ate LOADS of delicious food and played in the snow. This was one big difference we noticed between Charlotte and Seattle – during a Seattle snow, you can find plenty of people out and about on the streets and sliding down hills. However, at least where we were, no one wanted to leave their house except for the Seymours and their visitors… snow won’t keep us inside!

Thank you SO much to Paul and Della for their hospitality and great food – now I know how to make ebelskivers!

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