Card me, why don’t you

Around Thanksgiving, a thought process starts churning in my head: will I send out Christmas cards this year? Of course! And look, I’m starting so early!

December inevitably rolls around and the Christmas cards get pushed to the back burner amid shopping for presents and making travel arrangements. Christmas comes and goes sans cards and I set my sights on the next year.

2008: No cards

2009: No cards

2010: Mailed today! I’m covered in a light dusting of glitter from them but they’ve been stamped, sealed and dropped off at the post office. Now watch, I probably won’t send them out again for another two years.

For some reason I’ve considered Christmas cards a rite of adulthood, right up there with buying a car and listening to talk radio. Chalk one up for the adult.


Megs said...

My family never sent out Christmas cards. I guess that's perhaps why I don't send them out either.

I can definitely see the whole "it's the adult thing to do". I've seen all the pretty cards in the stores this year and wondered if I should start the tradition, but other projects always win out. haha.

Heather Seymour said...

Yeah this project was definitely last on my to-do list... I may have finished stuffing and stamping the envelopes in the post office parking lot. :)