My friend Megan and I used to play a word association game where we started off with a single word, say, "lamp", then shut up for 60 seconds and let our minds wander. After the minute was up, we'd shout the new topic our mind had stumbled onto (Bruce Willis!) and then describe the path our minds took to get there. Yes, we led very interesting lives.

Mark walked in on me singing a song from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" today (the one Gaston and company sings in the bar) and asked how I had started singing that song in particular. I was putting away laundry when I saw a brochure for the musical "Oklahoma" (playing at the 5th Avenue Theatre) and thought that maybe I wanted to go for my birthday. That sentiment sounded familiar and I then remembered that some time last year someone told me that "Beauty and the Beast" was coming to the Paramount Theater around my birthday. I should check that out, I thought. Then my mind flashed back to an online chat I was having with a friend yesterday. I said something about how I was thinking about such-and-such and my friend quipped, "Thinking, that's dangerous," which brought me back to "Beauty and the Beast":
Gaston: "Le Fou, I'm afraid I've been thinking..."
Le Fou: "A dangerous pastime-"
Gaston: "I know."
Which brought me to thinking about Gaston "persecuting harmless crackpots" (seriously, how genius are those lyrics?) which brought me to my current state of waltzing around singing about Gaston, which is where Mark found me. Yes, I lead a very interesting life.

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