Tomato, toMAHto

So. Remember that time I told you about my Le Creuset pot? Turns out I don’t have one.

I took in said pot to BB&B like I said I would in my previous post and said I needed to exchange my Le Creuset for another one.

Sales Associate: “Oh we don’t carry Le Creusets in the store but I can do an exchange online or an in-store refund.”

Me: “Really? But I got mine in the store last time.”

SA: “Maybe someone else returned theirs and that’s why it was here.”

Me: “But there was a whole selection of them in the cookware section.”

SA: “… Oh, well you’re welcome to go check!”

Then I handed her my pot and set off for the cookware section to prove myself right… where I found a selection of Fontignac dutch ovens, which was obviously the brand that I bought since I remembered the packaging. Where I got it in my head that I had a Le Creuset I have no idea. I didn’t even look at my pot because I was so sure it was a Le Creuset. So then I had to shuffle back to the front with my Fontignac and face the SA.

Me: “So… I apparently didn’t have a Le Creuset! Sorry about that, I don’t know where I got that.”

SA: “That’s ok! They look exactly alike so I understand how that happened.”

Me: “And all this time I’ve been telling people I had a Le Creuset… how embarrassing.”

They still exchanged it for me free of charge but I’m sure I looked like the annoying know-it-all customer… ah well! To the SA’s credit, she did an excellent job of giving me the benefit of the doubt and not smirking, at least to my face. They have a tough job sometimes!

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