Locked out

I can think of plenty of situations where it would be OK to be locked out of your car.

a. HOME: A spare key resides inside. Of course, this only works if your house keys are separate from your car keys, or if you’ve mastered the art of breaking into your own residence. Which I totally had, but then we moved.

b. Costco: Simply make your phone call, turn back around and help yourself to some more free samples. I actually have locked myself out of my car at Costco and I used the opportunity to treat myself to a slice of pizza. This might be less ideal if you have a shopping cart full of food with you, or you’re lugging around a large flat-screen on a push cart.

c. The mall: Treat this like Costco. I heard there’s a sale at ALDO and I need some gray pumps! Plus you can order a Cinnabon while you wait for the locksmith to arrive.

Last night was NOT one of these times. I was stuck at work for an additional hour (and who wants to be stuck there?), trying to figure out what my insurance would cover and waiting for the locksmith. Just to rub things in, a friend of mine from Colorado was in Seattle for an extremely short window of time (a matter of hours) and we had made plans to meet briefly at our apartment as soon as I could get back from work. My opportunity to see my dear friend slipped away as I counted the minutes until the locksmith arrived.

Lessons learned:

a. While you’re mastering the art of breaking into your own residence, challenge yourself by figuring out how to also break into your car. Or maybe just hide a key on its exterior.

b. Keep copies of your insurance information somewhere other than your GLOVE COMPARTMENT. Not helpful. I was lucky to be near a computer with an Internet connection. Maybe I should use this to make my case for a smartphone.

c. It’s just a lockout. It happens. I was fortunate to be in a safe place and not stranded in a scary parking garage or something.

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