New Year's Eve, Seymour style

We rang in the new year in style and hosted a cocktail party at our place for our friends. I learned that my bartending skills definitely need work - Josh received an extremely lime-y Cosmopolitan! I think I had the Orange Sunrises down by the end of the night though, so if you're feeling a hankering for some brandy then I'm your girl.

We had around 25 people come through the door last night, so thank you to everyone who brought food and drinks and made it an excellent party. We are so blessed to have such amazing and fun-loving friends.

Highlights from the night:
1. Impromptu post-midnight dance party DJ'd by Bobo - thanks for taking our requests! I tried to get pictures of everyone's individual dances surrounded by the circle, but my camera has been acting up lately and refused to focus. I just hope our downstairs neighbors weren't home at the time... at one point, I think seven of us were jumping to the music. Hey, I did my part - we invited them!

2. We played Bag of Nouns, a game where everyone writes down three or four people/places/things on slips of paper. The slips are put into a bag and the group of people is divided into two teams. The first round is like Catchphrase: you can describe the noun to your team but you can't say the word itself. The second round is charades: only actions may be used to get your group to guess the noun. In the third round, you can only use one word to describe your noun. The third round is the hardest, but by then you've heard all the nouns in the bag so it isn't too difficult to only use one word.

You have to get creative during the charades round, especially when the noun is a person. Mark pulled "Britney Spears" and acted like he was singing, and then chopping off all his hair.

What we could have done without:
1. I'm sure there was a more appropriate way to act out "Sex in the City" during Bag of Nouns. I hope I never have to see that ever again.

2. The smoke from the fireworks combined with the low-hanging fog to shroud the fireworks show at the Space Needle. We could still see everything, just through a smoky curtain. The smoke did create kind of a cool effect, though.

Some of the ladies at the party

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