Pass the dish soap

I don’t normally post work-related items on here, but I thought this was too good to pass up. The dishwasher at our office is around 18 years old and is just about to kick the bucket. For months we’ve had to re-wash everything that goes through the dishwasher because either the soap won’t rinse off or food is still stuck on the dishes. Money has been tight on the company, so the purchasing of a new dishwasher has been repeatedly postponed despite frequent appeals.

Last Friday was the tipping point for our office manager. It took just one more dirty spoon before she lost her composure, emptied the cupboards and silverware drawer into the sink and hand-washed everything. Hands practically still dripping, she e-mailed the rest of the office telling us that the dishwasher is officially DEAD and we will all need to wash our dishes by hand from here on out. The new hand-washing rule was in force for about five hours until one of the partners of the company e-mailed the office and announced he had bought a new dishwasher and it would be here within a week.

Nothing like a little threat of MANUAL LABOR to get the wheels turning around here.

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Jessica said...

If I had money I would probably do the exact same thing :) Good story.