Midweek Tidbits

Congratulations on making it to Wednesday! As promised, a new batch of Midweek Tidbits.
  • Yes I know, Bill Gates is everywhere. He's the new darling of social media. See what's going on in his head (and the Gates Foundation) at his personal Web site.
  • Have you ever opened your pantry/refrigerator, sighed and said "There's nothing to eat!" Supercook will solve your problems! Simply enter your ingredients (i.e. chicken, black beans) into the Web site and it will search other recipe Web sites and return recipes you can make with those ingredients. It's a great site when you don't want to hit up the grocery store.
  • Read about one man's attempt to catch the man who stole his iPhone. Mildly entertaining and chock full of graphics - all the information you'll ever need to track down a thief.
  • Follow Apple's unveiling of (what everyone thinks is) their newest gadget, the tablet, here. From the article: "Rumor has it that [Steve] Jobs has even said the tablet 'will be the most important thing I've ever done.'" The event takes place today.

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