Back burner-ing it up

I'm the queen of the back burner. If I have a task to complete but it doesn't require my immediate attention, it will reside in the back of my mind for months until I'm suddenly confronted by it and forced to act. Some examples:
  1. A button popped off a coat of mine in December and I haven't worn it since then. The sad part is that I do still have the button.
  2. I have a "stain" pile of clothes that I need to treat and soak. The pile is growing. UPDATE: I just bought a Tide pen, which has turned out to work miracles! Incredible!
  3. A pair of earrings require a simple super glue fix but I haven't touched them in a year.
 One of the tasks on my to-do list was to order new glasses and contact lenses. I was given my prescriptions at my eye exam last April and it took me 10 months to finally take my glasses prescription to Costco and order new lenses and frames. My plan was to use the frames I already had, but they (not so gently) informed me that my frames were too old and they would break if they tried to put new lenses in them. So I must say goodbye to my lovely black frames that I've adored for the past five years. Although, I haven't worn them for the last two years because my prescription was outdated and I couldn't see past 10 feet in front of me. But I still loved them.

Summer of 2005, back when I first got my glasses. Amanda and me :)

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