Midweek Tidbits

  • If you think that apple crisp and apple cobbler are the same dish, then check out Gourmet's guide to fruit desserts. Apparently there's a difference!
  • Who's out there in the blogosphere? This infographic breaks down the demographics on who's blogging, what they blog about, and why they blog. Looks like I'm right in between the 23% who blog once a week and the 27% who blog 3-4 times a week.
  • Did you know that scientists are even adding sugar to our fruit now? This article describes how our food, processed and natural, is getting sweeter and sweeter.
  • Twitter reports that it has grown to 50 million tweets, or short blogs, per day. I love that huge spiky graph. I wonder how many of those tweets report what the twitterer had for breakfast?
  • I stumbled across this crocheter's blog while surfing the Interweb. How cute are these little dog sweaters? That chihuahua looks adorable in one!

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