Crocheting: baby booties

I found a pattern for baby booties online and I finally got to try it out tonight. My first attempt wasn't so hot but I figured out my mistakes and got better the next time around!

Try #1. It didn't work so well. Clearly, a change was necessary.

Try #2. Definitely getting better!

Try #3. I could make one bootie but could I replicate it? I think these look pretty similar. Fun! Also, I think these are more like toddler booties instead of baby booties... unless your baby has really big feet.


Jessica said...

Heather, these are amazing! Great job! They look the same, which we both know is very hard to do. Bravo!

April said...

Agreed! wow.
with Jessica making baby blankets & you making booties... you guys could start a little business.

p.s. I wear a size 6.5 & i like the colors pink or purple! :)

Alissa Baier said...

When Mark said you didn't come to movie night because you were knitting booties, I didn't quite believe him at first! :) You didn't miss much anyway. Props on your accomplishment!

Heather Seymour said...

Jess - Thanks! They weren't too hard, we'll have to make some more!

April - Thanks for the suggestion ;)

Alissa - Oh HA he said that? Well it's true... I got started on them and then I didn't want to stop!