Deal the card(igan)s

I recently bought a cardigan that's similar in style to the one above - mine is gray, has three-quarter length sleeves, and the bottom corners taper to a point at the end (I’m sure there’s some sort of technical fashion term for this but I have no idea what it is). It also has some ruffles on it, meaning it’s my new favorite thing.

I showed it to Mark and he said, “Hmm, it’s kind of weird.”

Me: “… I’m fashionable!”

Mark: “Well, you would know better than me!”

Don’t worry boys, we know you mean well.

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Esther said...

I know exactly what you mean Heather! I brought a couple cardigans home one day that were super cheap from Old Navy, I am pretty sure Flyn said something like, "Cardigans, aren't those for grandmas?"