Friday Rant

I know that commercials are meant to sell services or products, but I heard one in particular the other day that just got me boiling. It was advertising a casino, and casino commercials are annoying anyway - they make the casinos sound classy and high-end, but here in western Washington those promises only go so far. This isn't Vegas, people.

The commercial started with a girl who I assume is 18 or perhaps in her early twenties: "So I was saving for a trip to Europe with all my friends, but four pairs of shoes and two shirts later, there went that..." (I can practically hear her flipping her hair.) Then her mom chimes in with something like, "She was kind of down, so I took her to *casino name here*!"

Great. Trade one spending problem for another. Awesome job (radio) MOM who should probably be reinforcing the value of hard work but is instead enabling her daughter's destructive behavior. What is this teaching people? The total amount of consumer debt comes in at right around $2.5 trillion. Trillion. Yes, I realize the daughter is an adult and thus responsible for her own decisions. But parenting doesn't stop at high school graduation.

Yes, I know this is a commercial... but it really got my goat.

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