In the heights

My work persona is 5'5".

But Heather, you're only 5'1".

Not with the help of THESE babies.

Today though, I'm sporting a different shoe. I'm heading to the airport after work (Colorado, I'm coming!) and didn't want to change shoes so I wore my flats instead. After three years of wearing four-inch heels nearly every day, I'm discovering how my work world should really be instead of the false reality I'd inadvertently created. Why can't I reach anything? These shelves seem farther away. And since when is Dave so tall? It's a little alarming.


Ashlie said...

hahahaha, how on earth do you wear those everyday! they look SO uncomfortable!

Heather Seymour said...

Haha years of practice have helped! But don't expect me to run in them. :)