So long, beloved Chi

So long, my Chi. You served me faithfully for five years and I never gave up on you, even when others told me I should. Even though you sparked daily, you never caught my hair on fire. And when your heating element broke and alternated randomly between hot and cool bursts, you still got the job done. But now you refuse to blow hot air at all, which is simply unacceptable. I will remember you fondly.

Can we just throw hair dryers away or do we have to go through some sort of special recycling?


Esther said...

:) I love this post. It reminds me of my cheap hairdryer that I bought a few years ago and used even when it would only blow on low. I didn't realize how much it cuts the time down when blowdrying until I used Flyn's when we got married! Also, I love my Chi hair straigtner!

Ashlie said...

hehe, it is funny the things we learn to adapt to, not realizing how much EASIER life could be :)

Heather Seymour said...

I had no idea how fast my hair could dry, I was shocked when I used my new one! And Esther... Flyn has a hair dryer? :)