Eight-legged hate: continued

Apparently the spiders can't leave us alone.

I came home to find this one nesting cozily in our door frame. SICK. Mark was still in Yakima and I'm usually OK dealing with spiders when I'm by myself. Usually. I approached it twice with the fireplace poker but retreated both times and ended up texting our downstairs neighbor for back-up.

Heather: Do you have a fear of spiders?
Mai: No, why?
Heather: Can you come help me kill one? It's so big... :(

Two minutes went by and Mai bounded up the stairs with an envelope and a tupperware container: "It's NOT big! I'm not going to kill it, I'll put it outside!" I cowered in the corner while she trapped it in the container (it escaped once and she had to capture it again), and then thanked her profusely. I've still got the chills... this spider might show up in my nightmares.

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Ashlie said...

that IS big and disgusting!