Overheard at the gym

I was in a side room at the gym doing crunches on the floor when a personal trainer and his trainee walked in. They had apparently been talking about popular fantasy novels/movies as the conversation seemed to revolve around the differences between "Twilight", "Harry Potter", and "The Lord of the Rings". The trainee asked her trainer if he had read the LOTR series, and he replied that he had.

Trainee: "My friends and I were disappointed to see that Tom Bombadil didn't make it into the movies."

Trainer: "Who?"

Trainee: "... Did you read the books?"

Trainer: "Yes!"

Trainee: "You should probably know who Tom Bombadil is..."

I piped in from my corner: "Don't worry, I know who you're talking about!"

Trainee: "Ha thank you!" To the trainer: "You should probably read the books again."


Chris said...

I couldn't agree more. The movies were great, but when I saw the Fellowship for the first time I couldn't help but comment out loud that they left Tom out! Boo!

Heather Seymour said...

On a completely random note, I discovered that this personal trainer has season tickets behind us to the Seattle Sounders (soccer)... I knew he looked familiar!