Midweek Tidbits

Behold a new(ish) trend: skeggings.

The misconceptions of international aid in Haiti.

Take the Seattle Times' geography quiz! Note: it isn't easy. At least, it wasn't for me, but we all know that geography isn't my strong suit. My scores: 0% on the first section (embarrassing), 40% on the second section, 100% on the third section (redemption!), 60% on the fourth section, and 90% on the fifth section.

A critic's rating of all 15 Coen Brothers movies - I'm pretty surprised at the low rating of "No Country for Old Men."


Esther said...

Skeggings? Weird, never heard of those! I am intrigued though :)

Heather Seymour said...

Yeah I'm not opposed!