Remember that bright blue wall?

We attended a birthday party at an apartment in our Eastlake neighborhood this weekend which reminded me of our old one-bedroom off Lake Union. The apartment was certainly very similar in that it sat about a block off the lake, had a somewhat similar floor plan, and even had the same Seattle neighborhood map on the wall! Physical similarities aside, I couldn’t help but think of our first year of marriage in that tiny little box of an apartment with the bright blue wall.

But as much as I loved our first year in that teeny space, I’ve enjoyed being able to spread out in our current roomier apartment. When we can get in, that is. The house was built in 1908 and the front door lock has been getting more obstinate by the day. Yesterday was its last hurrah and I had to call Mark to let me in. I felt better when I heard that he couldn’t open the lock either, and neither could our downstairs neighbors! Thankfully, both of our apartments have additional entrances but the apartment above us has no other way into the house other than the front door (and a fire escape but I’m not sure if it’s in use) so we’re hoping it gets fixed soon! As we went to bed last night I made a $1 bet with Mark that our upstairs neighbor, Aaron, would ring our doorbell to let him in, but it didn’t happen so I suppose I owe Mark a dollar…

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