The obligatory New Year’s resolutions post

I’ve taken a holistic approach to my resolutions this year.

Spiritual: I would like to make continual prayer more of a priority in my life. When something goes wrong (or right) and my first instinct isn’t to pray, I know change is necessary. I can look back at certain times of my life and remember what that nearness to God felt like, and I know it requires effort on my part.

Mental: I have a problem with clutter. Not that I hate it – I just can’t see it. My eyes pass right over it. My dresser tends to be my catch-all space, and when I go to clean it, I clean in waves: the first round contains the major items to throw away, then the second round I catch everything I missed the first round, and it goes on until the surface is finally clean of clutter. Usually, I catch myself saying two or three times, “I swear this wasn’t here five minutes ago!” Luckily for our apartment, Mark is the exact opposite. But consider this my declaration of war against the clutter. Because as much as I say that I can’t see it, I know that I do realize it’s there and it stresses me out.

Physical: This will be the year where I improve my core strength. I’ve had some lower back issues for the past several years but they’ve eased since I’ve adopted a regular schedule of exercise. I keep reading how poor core strength contributes to lower back problems since your back has to compensate for what your abs can’t handle, so bring on the planks.

And finally, I would like to be more active in our Seattle community this year. I’ve been reading about some great organizations that I’d love to be a part of, so we’ll see if the opportunities pan out. I feel isolated from the community around us and don’t want to exist solely in my church bubble. One thing I appreciated about Seattle Pacific University was its emphasis on community service, and I think we all have great potential to positively impact our communities.

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