From hygienist, with love

I went to a scheduled teeth cleaning yesterday and received the most vigorous scrub-down I’ve ever experienced. Granted, I’m not the most regular at flossing but still. I feel like the hygienist was trying to teach me a lesson: This is what you get for not flossing! I’m gonna make you BLEED! As if that wasn’t enough, I was berated for not wearing my nightguard regularly and then told a terrifying story of someone who didn’t wear his nightguard and ground his teeth over time to the point where the roots are now exposed. I suppose now the challenge is to actually find my nightguard and remind myself what it was like when I DID grind my teeth – pain pain pain! The next challenge is to hide it from the hubby at night so he still thinks I’m perfect. Naturally. :)

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GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

Hey I have NO shame in wearing my retainers to bed! :) Bryan had to get a night guard so now we are even.

Nice running into you the other day at Target! Sorry I was kind of flustered as my head was really congested. Hope you have a great weekend! :)