#11: Backpack in Central America

"Guess what, babe? We're going to Central America!"

We bought our tickets last night and will be flying into Belize and out of Honduras, hitting up four countries in three weeks. We don't plan to spend much time in Belize at all since we've already been there, but will probably bus directly to Guatemala, then south to El Salvador, and end the trip in Honduras. I can't wait! I've been trying to brush up on my rudimentary Spanish and hopefully the ticket purchase will force me to get my rear in gear and work on some vocabulary and phrases.

We've been doing our research on where we want to visit. Antigua made the list as well as the ruins in Tikal, the largest known Mayan city, in Guatemala. We'll visit more Mayan ruins in Copan Ruinas of Honduras and hopefully hop up to the Bay Islands on the northern coast of Honduras. I can't remember our exact proposed itinerary for El Salvador off the top of my head but there are plenty of national parks and forests to hike.

Speaking of the 100 List, I hope to cross some other items off the list during the trip:

11. Backpack in Central America (obviously)

9. Attend a soccer match in South America - this is up in the air, but perhaps?

42. Hold a monkey - also up in the air, but the possibility is there.

67. Take a red eye flight - scheduled for April 10.

100. Hike in a rainforest

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GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

If you need any help on the Honduras part of your vacation, let me know :) My parents go there every other year (for mission trips/vacation) and I was there once. Have a great time!