#72: Get our Seattle neighborhood map framed

Now that we're no longer in college, hanging posters without frames isn't as acceptable as it once was. We acquired this amazing illustrated map of the Seattle neighborhoods and hung it sans a frame in our old apartment, but noticed it was quickly aging without the protection of a frame.

We trekked to Aaron Brothers downtown today to check out their frame offerings and hoping not to spend an exorbitant amount (framing is PRICEY). We found exactly what we were looking for -- a simple wood frame with glass -- on sale with a 40% discount! There wasn't really a question of whether or not we should buy it - next thing we knew, Mark was carrying it to the car (paid for, of course). The map has been re-hung - let the arguments on which neighborhood you really live in begin. ("I live in Greenlake!" "No you don't, the boundary for Greenlake ends here!" "Well... I still live in Greenlake!")

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