Awkward award

Few situations are more awkward than when you have to confess to your original hair stylist that you went somewhere else and it was a mistake.

My stylist is on the spendier side so I thought I’d go to a less expensive salon for a trim. Nothing major, just a quarter inch off the ends – take off the dead stuff. I picked a salon near my work for convenience and made an appointment. A trim should be pretty foolproof, right?

All went well until she got to the back of my hair.

Her: “So, you want to trim layers back here?”
Me: “Not new layers, just trim the layers I already have.”
Her: “Ok, so, layers.”
Me: “No, see, the layers are very subtle – just trim them.”
Her: “Gradual layers.”

Then she proceeded to cut off AT LEAST two inches off the back and layer it all. I initially started to panic but what can you do when the first snip has already been made? My original cut was a longer inverted bob, so the front was longer than the back – she didn’t really incorporate the longer pieces with the rest of what she cut though, so my front pieces are much longer (too much) than the rest. My next mistake was to wave her off when she asked if she should blow dry my hair straight. In my defense, I normally don’t allow stylists to do this because it takes forever and my hair is feisty and requires technique that I’ve been developing over several years. However, if I would’ve seen it blown out, I might have noticed that some layers had been missed and the front was obviously too long for the overall cut. But I didn’t see all this until I dried it myself the day after.

Cue the awkward phone call to Susan, my regular stylist.

Me: “Hey Susan, this is Heather Seymour… so… I made a mistake and I went somewhere else for a trim but they messed it up. Could I please come in and have you fix it? I’m so sorry.”
Susan: “Ok, where did you go? What happened?”
Me: “Oh, I went somewhere near my office because it was convenient and…” (I explained the issues).
Susan: “When do you want to come in?”
Me: “In half an hour?”

I couldn’t go in that day but I’m going in this afternoon and Susan will assess the situation. I felt like such a traitor! Susan, thank you for taking me back!


Emily said...

How is your hair now?

Heather Seymour said...

It is MUCH better. Susan looked at it and was like, ohhhhhhh...

So she is a superstar.