puppy love

I just finished Garth Stein’s “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, a novel set in Seattle about a dog, Enzo, and his owners, and I now have dog fever. Our current apartment and life situation don’t allow us to own a dog at this time, but I’m looking forward to it someday when we have more space.

I grew up with dogs and we’ve owned, at different points, a blue heeler mix, a red heeler mix, and three miniature schnauzers. I usually count my aunt’s and uncle’s dogs as my dogs also (they approve) so I’ll also throw in a fourth miniature schnauzer and a prissy miniature poodle (Sundae, as in an ice cream sundae – may she rest in peace).

Here are some dogs I wouldn’t mind owning, but not all at once:

English sheepdogs seem like sweet, lovable, furry messes to me - what's not to love? I have absolutely no experience with a sheepdog, save for my Peter Pan obsession, but I'm sure they are lovely.

I love the ears of corgis. Enough said.

Snoopy was a beagle!

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