#26 Double Feature: Blackeyed Peas in a Goa Curry and Anglo-Indian Beef Stirfry

Le cast of characters for the curry dish, minus the bananas
This goa curry was a primary reason I bought "5 Spices 50 Dishes" - it sounded so delicious and it did not disappoint! The dish is perfect for vegetarians or vegans and is hearty enough to be a meal all by itself. It involved some prep work but I sped up the process by using a food processor to mince the onion and tomato. I'm all for technology. And I use pre-grated ginger now... don't judge me.

I used thinly sliced skirt steak for the beef stirfry which worked very well - the thin strips cooked quickly in the wok. This dish is one where you want to have everything prepared and measured out beforehand so you can quickly add the ingredients to the wok at the proper time - I was caught off guard by how quickly the ginger and onions cooked and scurried to measure and add the spices before something burned.

Blackeyed Peas in a Goa Curry
Substitutions/omissions: None
Mistakes: None - I'm getting better at this game.
Repeat: Oh yes, and I may be inviting you over to share.

Anglo-Indian Beef Stirfry
Substitutions/omissions: The author paired this stirfry with turmeric-infused steak fries, which I chose not to make last night. I only wanted to focus on the beef since I already had the curry going.
Mistakes: None
Repeat: Definitely

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