Beginning of a wedding weekend

One of Mark's best friends is getting married on Sunday, so this weekend has been almost completely set aside for wedding festivities. Mark is in the wedding, and our involvement has been a great opportunity to pay back our friends for the incredible amount of time and effort they put into our wedding nine months ago.

Mark and I braved Friday afternoon rush hour to drive up to Arlington for the rehearsal, which meant an hour and a half of NPR and cat naps for me. Once we arrived at the location, a darling outdoorsy spot with an adorable arbor complete with lake and bald eagle, I settled myself into the porch swing and prepared to take on the role as wedding party add-in. I'm just along for the ride, people! Luckily, another girl was just along for the ride too with her husband of two months, and we conversed about our state as newlyweds. I couldn't have planned a better evening.

After we stuffed ourselves with barbecue, courtesy of the parents of the soon-to-be-newlyweds, the guys headed off to commence the bachelor party while the girls took off for the Matador in Ballard for some after-dinner drinks. It took some finagling but we finally got all 10 girls parked and inside the restaurant. And what's a bachelorette party without a little bit of excitement? Around midnight, a man walked up to our table (apparently tipped off by our waitress) and introduced himself as a professional lap dancer, and he would be pleased to do the honors. Half the girls were horrified and the other half were dying laughing, but we told him that we were so sorry, but the groom would be extremely unhappy if he found out about this. Our lap dancer friend appeared disappointed but came back later with a shot of tequila for the bachelorette, which she downed to humor him. She's such a good sport.

Well, it's 2 a.m. and I should probably head to bed. But the weekend isn't over and hopefully by Sunday I'll have photos of the nuptials! It's sure to be a gorgeous day!

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