A love lost

Picture this:

Boy meets girl. Boy pursues girl for months before she’ll even give him the time of day. Girl finally comes around. Boy and girl start dating officially. Months later, boy starts acting weird and tries to dump girl. Girl knows there’s a deeper issue here, and presses boy to tell her what’s really going on. Boy breaks down and tells girl the truth: eight years ago, boy was engaged to the love of his life but she went missing in action in Iraq and he was told she was dead. Boy freaked out and moved away from the memories, breaking off all contact with the past. Eight years later (two weeks ago), boy runs into former fiancee at a party. Turns out former fiancée did not die in Iraq, is unquestionably alive and now stationed at Fort Lewis.

Boy is torn.

Girl would question boy’s story, had boy not told girl months ago about his former fiancée who went missing. Girl is heartbroken, but releases boy to decide for himself.

Sounds like a movie, right? Unfortunately, this is real life for a friend of mine. I can’t imagine how conflicted her heart must be right now, but she has dealt with the situation with maturity and class and my heart definitely goes out to her. I hope they both find happiness.

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