My Great (Clips) Experience

Sounders games always feature freebies for attendees if the Sounders hit a certain benchmark. For example, if the Sounders shut out the opposing team, you can show your game ticket at Jack In The Box and get churros or cinnamon sticks or something. The Sounders also have a connection with Great Clips, and if the Sounders score three goals then everyone gets a free haircut at Great Clips. The Sounders ended up scoring their three goals, and since I’m all about free things I took my ticket to Great Clips for a trim on Friday.

Just parking at the salon was a bit of an adventure as I saw three signs for the SAME parking garage, all advertising different amounts of free parking time. One sign advertised 30 minutes, another advertised 60 minutes, and yet another showed 90! I never did find out how much free parking time I got. The pay station on the floor where I was parked was out of order and the sign said to go to the pay station by Bartell’s to get your ticket to place on your windshield. I never found Bartell’s so I skipped the ticket altogether (luckily I didn’t end up with another kind of ticket!)

I did find the Great Clips, and was seated in the swivel chair after a brief discussion of whether my ticket was valid (it was printed out from Ticketmaster instead of a standard ticket). The lady asked me if I wanted a shampoo too and I asked, “Oh, is that not included?” After being informed that it was not included but would only cost $5, I said “Oh… OK then!” I waited for the go-ahead to proceed to the sink for the shampoo (my favorite part) but it never came. Instead, she whipped out her scissors and started right in. The stylist left me three times during the trim and finally came back with a latex glove on her left hand. I asked her if she was OK, and she said there was no problem but she had cut herself. I looked at her gloved hand and sure enough, there was a ring of blood around one of her fingers (apparently she was trying to find a bandage but had to settle for the glove instead). I started to get nervous. She is in charge of a sharp instrument, you know. And now I had to worry about her getting blood in my hair.

Her: “Don’t worry, I promise I know how to cut hair!”
Me: “Oh, I believe you…”

The rest of the trim passed without incident. I never did get my shampoo but the trim turned out decently enough, even for Great Clips. And after all, you can’t beat free!

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Jessica said...

Funny even the second time around :)