Some pictures of the Vanderpol wedding

Gorgeous day out... here are Cody and the guys waiting for the bride.

Vows vows vows. I do. I do.

Take this ring.

Excited! Yay!

Very typical Cody and Jessica moment. I don't think anyone was surprised.

Lovely ladies out in the sun.

Dance party under the tent. Mingle/dance music courtesy of Mark and Heather.

Funny story noting the difference between guys and girls. See the dress I was wearing? Black, white and yellow, a modern kind of paisley pattern, scoop neck.

During the wedding reception, Mark comes up to me and says, "Heather, some girl here is wearing the same dress as you!"

Heather: "Oh no, really? Where is she?"

Mark gestures toward her and I do a once-over.

Heather: "Um... Mark, that's not my dress."

Mark: "Really?"

Heather: "That dress is BROWN, white and yellow, has large flowers on it, and has a V-neck."

Mark: "Hmm... well it kind of looks the same."

Next time a guy tells me that I'm wearing the same outfit as someone else, I won't be so quick to worry.

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