Race number two?

It has come to my attention that my family-in-law will be participating in another half-marathon Labor Day weekend. My recent half-marathon has become just another distant memory and I’ve romanticized it to the point where I’m actually considering running another. I’ve laid out the pros and cons to help me decide.

- I can say I ran two half-marathons this summer
- Everyone else is doing it
- Stay in shape
- This time, my training won’t start from scratch since the last half-marathon was only a couple of weeks ago
- It starts and ends at Red Hook Brewery. What’s not to like?

- My body will hate me (but pain is temporary)
- My Monday and Thursday nights will be designated for training (no different from before)
- I have to give up my Monday night spinning class (which I’ve only attended once)

I seem to be shooting down all my cons. We’ll see where this goes. Stay tuned.

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