A paradox

I work in the world of corporate real estate. For the uninitiated, these agents tend to work all kinds of hours to make sure their deals get done (they are paid on commission only). This includes vacations, as it’s typically considered unprofessional to render yourself completely out of touch with the corporate world. It isn’t unusual for an agent to call in and conduct all sorts of business from Palm Springs or Sun River. In fact, I think it’s expected. I don’t think I could ever spend a vacation like that. Not only would my family not appreciate it, but I go on vacation to get AWAY from everything, not bring it with me. This is why it’s nice not to have a smart phone. I have an excellent excuse NOT to check my e-mail. But I digress.

I’ve become so accustomed to hearing from co-workers when they’re “getting away from it all” that I get frustrated if I DON’T receive a response to an e-mail I send them. It’s a ruthless double standard. I know you’re sitting on the beach but I also know you have an iPhone. And I flagged my e-mail as high priority. And I don’t throw “high priority” around like it’s nothing. But if you try to call ME when I’m on the beach… you’ll probably get my voicemail. Over and over. Maybe that’s the good part about being relatively unimportant at work. The world won’t stop if you take a break.

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