Hot hot hot!

What the heck. One of the reasons I’m in love with the northwest is its moderate weather, and this is just not cutting it. The thermometer in my car read 100 degrees yesterday and I hear it’s supposed to get worse. I can hear you southerners yapping now, hey, try 100% humidity on top of the heat! Well southerners, at least you have AIR CONDITIONERS. You probably don’t have to move from your comfortable bedroom onto the living room futon just to catch a whisper of a breeze that may or may not be floating in from the deck just to catch some sleep.

I know I can’t handle the heat very well, it’s not exactly a well-kept secret. So if you need me, I’ll either be up at Voxx Coffee on Eastlake sipping an iced Americano and sweating, or hiding in our apartment bathtub in an inch of cold water. Visitors beware.

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