Greeley meets Seattle

It isn't very often that friends from my hometown (Greeley, CO) make an appearance in the northwest, so when Ashlie told me she and Dan would be in Seattle for a few days we knew we had to see them! We all got together at Alki for a cookout and a gorgeous sunset. Tiffanie and Kyle provided the delicious elk meat!

Here are Dan and Ashlie. Ashlie and I go way back; we've known each other since middle school. In high school, we were both altos in honor choir along with two other girls. We all got along really well and when we hung out together, we called our hangouts "AA" meetings, for Amazing Altos! I miss those girls.

Pretty sunset at the beach.

Fresh crab, courtesy of Pike Place Market. Can't beat the fresh seafood here.


The Hicks family! Jed, Kyle and Tiffanie (and baby!)

Mark is teaching Jed how to toss a frisbee. Jed was kind of getting the hang of it when he wasn't stuffing sand in his mouth!

Jed liked using the frisbee as a shovel.

Seattle summer sunset. Shh, don't tell anyone or they'll all move here.

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