Hey Internet

So... Mark and I finally got our own Internet at home. No more thieving from our neighbors! (Linksys - you were oh so generous when we could get your signal... too bad you had to get all finicky and non-committal with us.)

Now I can finally check our bank account and everything else financial from home instead of waiting to do it at work - I can check our balance during weekends! The luxury!

All the set-up stuff (Internet from a box!) was delivered on Friday and since I was actually off work due to Mark's sister's wedding that evening, I signed for it and saved it from the you-weren't-here-to-sign-for-this-so-you-must-visit-these-locations-during-ludicrous-business-hours-or-else-you'll-never-see-it-again bowels of FedEx or UPS or whoever actually made the delivery.

Now we're addicted - we can actually stream Netflix and Hulu again and watch as many movie trailers as we want. See what you've done, Comcast... the monsters have been reborn.

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