Midweek Tidbits

Welcome to Wednesday - I am particularly excited because I am already halfway through my week as I have Friday off for Mark's sister's wedding! I'm all about four-day work weeks - I could totally work four 10-hour shifts if it produced a three-day weekend.

  • What's not to love about "Mad Men" lead Don Draper? Here's why you should be watching "Mad Men", which is one of the many shows that I would probably watch if we had cable. Meaning it's probably a great thing we don't have cable.
  • Speaking as someone who has lost a hard drive and all its contents, I completely agree with these five stages of data loss grief. When the Apple employee told me there was no way to recover the contents from my six-month-old dead Mac, I got in my car, laid my head on my steering wheel and cried. I really felt like someone close to me had died. Luckily for me, I had kept my old computer so I only lost any new data gained over the previous six months - I was able to get everything else back from my old one. Lesson learned: back up your files!
  • I hadn't heard about the Cheesecake Factory's new happy hour but it definitely sounds worth your money!
  • Food stamps are in. Oh actually, they are now called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program debit cards.
  • Want to learn Na'vi like the rest of these Avatar fans? It's possible!

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