March Madness

I have said many times that nothing could drag me into March Madness because I could care less about college basketball. Honestly, I have cared more that leprechauns could very well exist than I have ever cared about the annual NCAA tournament. Today, that all changed.

My company announced their first annual bracket competition today and I must say that I was less than thrilled. Then I was informed of the prize: $300 to the winner! OK so I dropped $10 to enter the contest, but come on! $300! This must be how gamblers get their start. It's only the penny slots. Anywho. I was given a blank bracket and was told that guessing never hurt anybody, and that you didn't have to do any research if you didn't want to. It was simple, really: you make your predictions and if you predict correctly, you get points. I settled for a couple of upsets (nothing too major) but otherwise played it safe: most of the top seeds got top priority. I made a copy of my completed bracket, e-mailed it to myself, and then turned it into my boss.

But throughout the day, I couldn't stop thinking about my bracket choices. I started second-guessing and wondering if I should have done more research. After all, $300 was at stake here. I kept my bracket within viewing distance so I could start memorizing my picks. What have I turned into? The tournament hasn't even started! Most of my friends know that I'm a competitive person - I think my co-workers might regret discovering this side of me.

Time will tell if I'll actually watch one of the games, but I'll sure be haunting the sports scores until this thing is over.

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